Christmas lighting

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      *tries to put up Christmas lights, tree, and decorations up. it is snowing outside. also need to keep the smithery hot for the ones that need to use it. working hard to do all that right now. hoping for some help. is thing about what to do.*

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      *Leo had been stretching his wings around the new world when he stopped by to check on Red. He walked into the place looking for her and saw her frantically trying to multitask.* Grand Auntie Red! *he bows* Hello there! What on earth are you doing? *he chuckles* I guess you need some assistance?

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      hey nephew! ^^ *puts the box down of  decorations*trying to get things ready for Christmas.  also yes

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      Hello hello!! *he would walk in cheerfully* Auntie Red! I can help with the decorations I’m pretty good at that stuff. *he smiles* How have you been? Don’t forget to stop by the bakery later. There are some delicious treats. Ah here, I brought some of the free candy cane. *hands her a couple of boxes.*

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      That is great! I am good! ^^ been doing a lot here and I will go over to get something tasty and warm later. I don’t have tree straight cause I doing so many things at once. *embarrassed*