Genre: Slice of Life/Introduction

The areas of the Voicelands are all interconnected by rail, and the trains that travel on these rails are quite luxurious. Most seats are cushioned and offer plenty of leg room. Many have tables and nearby plug sockets for you to charge your devices. Free WiFi is available as well. Some travel slowly to offer a comfortable ride, where others are fast so that you can get to where you need to go in a jiffy.
Trains have multiple passenger carriages, as well as a dining car and a trolley offering light snacks and beverages. Some trains are electric, some are steam-powered.
Some trains travel to and from a place known as Level 1, an area where dimensions are unstable and many worlds spit out their inhabitants unpredictably. New Skyrie members may RP their arrival into this world by boarding a train coming from Level 1, especially characters (like Isabelle) who aren’t so combat-inclined to go for the Escape From Otherworld entry. Single journey tickets from Level 1 are complimentary, since people who just arrived from another dimension aren’t likely to be carrying the right currency. Feel free to sit around and chat with other people on the train. Most importantly, relax!
Note: Allegro Express can also be used to travel between areas even if you aren’t new here.

Suggested ambient BGM:
> Train: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOldjSVB0FU
> Station: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0P2SHjMGgc

Rules & Guidelines:
1: Please RP as if you are on a train or at the train station.
2: No damaging the trains or harming any passengers.
3: New Skyrians can RP in the Forum called Level 1, or right here on the group page!
4: Everyone else can RP anywhere, and even pick up their incoming friends from Level 1.
5: No spam, bullying, or being insufferably obnoxious.
6: Feel free to suggest any improvements!

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