Fast Food Chain Lane

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      *As soon as she finished cleaning up the tables, she went in the back room and washed her hands. Then she put away the apron and name tag and put on her jacket. She sat on a table waiting for her sisters to be done while she was reading updates on her phone.* Mmm I see.

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      *When Saya came back with the car. They were all ready to go. They left a note for the next shift and locked up the place. They split up into two cars and off they went. * //end of this rp //

    • Jean Grey
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      *Before heading to work, Jean heads to the fast food lane to grab something really quick to eat* Hmm…today looks like a Wendy’s kind of day! *Opens the door to the Wendy’s establishment and waits on line to order her food*

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      *While he’s in Akiba running some errands for his clan. He stops by the Fast Food Chain Lane and grabs something to eat.* Geez, all this running around makes me very hungry.

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      *Working hard at the Fast Food Chain Lane where things tended to get really busy during the weekend. He was busy luring the customers in. While he waited for his shift to be over and for Haru ( @harumiya ) to come buy and meet up with him, he made sure that everyone got their burgers, fries, coke and whatever else was on the menu at the Fast Fooc Chain Lane.*