In Brief
– Our goal is to build a friendly community.
– Don’t stalk or harass other members.
– Contact our support department if you have any issues.


In order to use Skyrie, our website, or any related services you are required to accept the terms within this agreement. By utilizing the services we provide you are giving your agreement to the terms on this page.

Etiquette Policy

Skyrie is dedicated to building a friendly and respectful community for all of our members to enjoy. We encourage our members to take part in our community in a possitive way. Accounts that are created for the sole and exclusive purpose of posting spam, harassment, or creating abusive and disruptive content will be subject to deletion without prior notice. Users who engage in the above will be subject to written warnings. The repeated engagement of such activities may lead to a temporary ban.

Groups Policy

You may create and join public groups to meet with other members who share your interests. You may also create your own groups to share your own interests. We do not, however, allow the creation of groups for the purpose of targetted harasment or intimidation of other members or individuals. If your group is controversial in nature, you may want to consider making your group private.

Mature Content

If you wish to post adult or mature content to Skyrie you must always use the mature content tag. Users are able to opt out of viewing mature content if they wish.

Copyright Policy

We respect the right of our usrs to post material under the terms of fair use. However, should content be posted that violates the rights of the original author then we will take action to remove such content. If you have a copyright complaint then you should contact our support department.

Governing Jurisdiction

Skyrie is governed exclusively under Imperial Customary Law. By using our website or any related services you are giving your consent to place any claims or disputes under our juridstiction. The application of foreign or international law shall be expressly excluded.

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