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Joy Saki Nikaidou



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Full name Joy Saki Nikaido
Alias: Number 2
Honorable Title: Legendary Kamikaze Squad Leader
Race: Human/Zombie
Date of death: 30 August, 1997
Blood type: O / Height: 153cm (5’0″) / Weight: 45kg

Basics: She was a former biker with the Dorami gang. She’s currently the self-appointed leader of the idol group Franchouchou. She died in a game of Chicken against a rival Biker Gang driving over a cliff.

Arrives to Skyrieverse with the idol group Franchouchou.

Personality: Joy Saki is tough, rebellious, and very intimidating occasionally showing a soft side.
Hobbies: Tamagotchi and Gaming
Favorite Foods: Chicken
Dislikes: Sweets (this changes after her first visit to SugarSweet Bakery.)
Favorite Color: Orange
Alliances: Ally of GrandSugarClan