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Wolfein "Wolfy" Garsha Vulpeen

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Full Name: Wolfein Garsha Vulpeen
Nickname: Wolfy
Race: Vulpeen Werewolf

Eternal Mate: Vanfeny Desmoda “Countess V” Drakul Vamp

Wolfein is a warrior descended from the great Vulpeen clan. In the old world he was a soccer player as the forward and the captain of Tsukigami no Ichizoku and also forward for the Excellar. His team number was 10. He has a habit of growling like a wolf while he’s laughing. Although his true age is unknown like Vanfeny’s. He can also easily pass as a student. When hearing that Vanfeny was vanquished by a monk to another dimension, he almost killed the monk. The monk dispatched Wolfein through the same dimension as Vanfeny.

As they arrived in the borderlands, they both ended up in different areas and during a tumultuous time in Skyrieverse. They would eventually find each other again and try to live among the inhabitants of the new universe they had been vanquished to. Although he’s fiery and loyal to Vanfeny, he’s more open to mingling with humans.

His Element is fire
Alliance: Friend/Foe in League with the Wolf Kind of the GrandSugarClan