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      ///Well well well so look who decided to show up hey man, I thought you told Ren that you were not going to come here, what made you change your mind? and please tell me now if anyone else is joining here after you, me and Kou need to know.

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        Oho so its Kou now hm, well well seems things have happened since i last saw you three. I hear you went and got yourself married to that crimson beast and even that the tattoo boy turned into a bigger flirt then hes ever been in his life. *Looks over at him then smirked* This is going to be fun.

        //yeah sorry about that i did tell him i couldn’t join here being my phone didn’t have enough space on my phone and you know i cant afford internet service so my data is limited but ill try and be here to role play with you guys still. but as far as i know Mink was supposed to come with me but i don’t know for sure if he will just keep a look out for him is all i can say.//