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    “Rin…please be safe…” Was all she could think about as she lay there in her bed with her hand on her stomach. Aura felt hot tears down her cheeks and closed her eyes as she felt her pains had returned. Knowing that the serum her sister in law Yukii had given to her calmed the pain, but it had come back and this had the white flame demoness worried about her child. She felt hot all of a sudden and went to get up and noticed a pool of her own blood had formed around her legs and she screamed feeling panic set in as she reached for her phone in mid dial of Yukiko’s number she fell onto the floor and her phone was to far for her to reach it. As soon as she heard her pick up all she could do was cry out “Yukii….help me!”

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      *Yukiko had been on her way to the healing center when she got the call and she wasn’t far from the mansion. She quickly drove back as she replied to Aura.* No worries! I am on my way! Hand in there. *She then hung up and sped up her vehicle. As soon as she reached the mansion, she opened the trunk of her car, she grabbed her first aid kit and a wheel chair and ran in. She got to Aura and examined her carefully.* Hmm, *she was a bit worried because of the excess amount of blood but she wasn’t about to put Aura in a panic. * Don’t worry sis-in-law. I got you! *She got a bucket and washed the blood away. She noticed that Aura’s water broke.* You’re about to give birth, let me get you somewhere better. *She made sure to put a nice robe on her and lifted her onto the wheelchair. She moved the wheel chair into her vehicle and sped like a bat outta hell towards the healing center.* Make sure you breathe!!

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      “Yukii…the baby…” She felt her pains and as she noticed that her sister-in-law had arrived to help her it was only a matter of time before she would welcome her son into this safe world. Getting settled into the chair she nodded to her but the pains were making it hard for her to remain conscious so she sat back knowing they would be there soon.