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    *Kasen had returned to the Wei Kingdom to look for Tarotachi as he had wanted to ask him some questions regarding his brother Izumi yet in the recent time that had passed he still had not any word of his whereabouts and this made him on ease. As he looked around he had not sensed any sign of the xiaolin knight so he sighed and instead went into the tea house located in the town below at the bottom of the mountain since this town was so big he knew it was easy to get lost if you did not know the place well yet he had visited a few times before so he was slightly familiar with the areas he was allowed to be in as some places you could only enter through the wards if you possessed a lotus token that was only given to those worthy to carry them by permission of the empress lady zhen ji.* “I wonder if i should just send a butterfly message, maybe he must be off on one of those night huntings that wei guy was talking about. *He decided to wait for news as he sent off the message*

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      *Yearning to be finished with his duties while hunting for the evil creatures that were on the borderlands he had come to travel around and see which areas he could lend his aid to help those who would need rescue or need to safety. He had been on the way to the Wei Kingdom to return to pay visit to Lady Zhen and lord Cao but when he was about halfway there he stopped and intercepted a golden butterfly message which was often used by many cultivator clans he knew this well from knowing the young master of the wei kingdom Wei Wuxian. He read the message and learned that Kanesada wished to see him about something so he hurried there and would speak with him*

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      “Shi-xiong wait for me will ya geez your fast” *Just as he was going to run faster he could feel the sensation of the butterfly message on the air and he stopped then blinked and wondered just what it could be but he kept on going as he knew this message was not intended for him so he was in the clear. He caught up to Tarotachi and was about to ask what was wrong but then he sensed something else and it made him turn around only to halt in his steps* He is here…i must go to his side now…