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Vanfeny Desmoda "Countess V" Drakul Vamp

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FullName: Vanfeny  Desmoda Drakul Vamp

Alias: Countess V

Race: Noble Vampire
Eternal companion: Wolfein Garsha Vulpeen

Vanfeny is a descendant of a noble vampire clan. She is calm, self-possessed and narcissistic.

She enjoys passing as a soccer player. She is a midfielder and captain of the Vamptym and The Excellar. Her number in the teams is 9.
She is a young looking vampire so can pass easily as a student.

She lost control and went on a killing spree in the old world she had come from. Had it not been for the monk that came along to contain her, she would have slaughtered more than half of the city she was in.

Alignment: Neutral. She only thinks of humans as food. But she’s neither good nor evil.
Her element is Earth.

Alliance: Friend/Foe in League with the Vampire Kind of the GrandSugarClan