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    +The battlefield, to Lan Xichen it was a place where he would not often be due to his position and stature as the clan leader of lan of Gusu but he did know his way around in a fight if he need fight for worthy cause. He was sitting on the mat in the main hall of the Cloud Recesses and his eyes were shut in meditation as he often sat across from his uncle and burned the incense to calm their temperaments and keep their conscience clear. He would sometimes be joined by his brother Lan Wangji but these days he had noticed that his jade twin of Lan brother had often been distracted lately with the death of the one he held dear Wei WuXian. Xichen had come to notice the changes in his brother at the first signs of the two becoming soul mates and he was supportive of him yet he could only do so much from his standing. He held no ill will towards the young master Wei in the beginning and often asked his brother if Wei Ying had real skill and if they were at a tie when they would spar only to get a subtle response from him and this made Xichen only smile as he was happy to see that his almost emotionless and stoic brother becoming more of himself thanks to the other males influence. As he watched his brother with each day that passed since Wei WuXian had died he could see the pain and sorrow and he understood it being that to him it felt the same way when they had lost their mother in their hearts and Xichen closed his eyes as he could do or say nothing that would ease that pain and confusion he felt then at that time. He had chosen to allow his brother to continue his antic for the sake of keeping the male alive in his memories but this process had hurt Xichen to watch his brother almost seeming to destroy himself with sorrow and longing for the male. He had watched him play the Qin each day almost every day for weeks on end that would turn into years over time and he felt the sorrow and hurt as well as the longing feeling in his brothers notes inquiring the spirit only to gain no response of the Wei male+

    “Brother….come on it is time, you must eat something and keep your strength. I am most certain that if he were here to see you like this it would not ease his heart either as it does my own to see you.” +Lan Xichen had gotten to his brothers side and the moment he had said these words for the first time he noticed a faint smile on the face of him and it truly stunned Xichen as he had never really noticed any hint of emotion from Wangji aside from their talks alone or the time with their mother but seeing it now made him feel the similarities of the pain and sorrow as well as the hurt missing his brother in law as he to had missed the antics he had to admit it did make the cloud recesses lively a place with him there and he was indeed a good instructor to the juniors when it came down to helping Wangji to train them in the night hunting ways.+

    {Sixteen years later}
    +Lam Xichen was in meditation and looking back on the recent years of watching his brother he had felt the sorrow of his own as the twin jade of lan watched from his side. He had finally understood what it felt like to miss someone yet he would not dare say aloud yet he could tell that his brother would know it right away being they had this sort of connection with each other and understood almost right away when anything was going on with both of them they need only look at each other and nod with no words said at all needed between them. These days he had not see much of his brother as he would often venture out from cloud recesses to travel around the areas and appear when and where ever chaos were taking place and Xichen knew it was the right thing to do but he also knew his brother was still in deep longing for his soul mate. He opened his eyes when he could stop and sense his brother had just returned and going over to the Jingshi he walked inside only to see him playing the Qin once again but this time seemed different. Xichen looked closer inside and he could see a male on his brothers bed laid out in black cloth robes and red streak ribbons in his hair and he silently gasped only to look over at his brother and he spoke ever so silently not to wake and alarm him but he wanted an account from his brother for this matter as no one could just simply bring someone into cloud recesses without valid reason or permission from him beforehand. He walked over and took a seat across from his brother but then got up to stand beside him when his brother went stand in the doorway not to wake Wei Ying as he had not yet recognized just who he was at this time but he had some suspicion as to why his brother would bring this male here of all places yet he knew he would need to find a way to verify this so he proceeded to ask Wangji+

    “Wangji, this is…? I think it is time you give me an account of just what is going on here don’t you? Who is this and why have you brought him here? He seems to be uninjured so i do believe you need to tell me just what is going on with you as of late….you never make me worry for you all this time and now it seems you are becoming to much for me to handle. I sometimes wonder if my expectations for you may be to high.” +Suddenly he could see his brother was silent but he waited for him to speak knowing that the two brothers would never keep anything from the other and he waited in silence but turned his attention to the sleeping male inside who had yet to awaken for a reason they did not know and he waited for his brother to answer him+
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    +The battlefield, to Lan Xichen it was a place where he would not often be due to his position and s
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      “Brother…i have taken him here from the battlefield and i know they would dare not come here to search for him. I know you wish an account for this and i shall give one but at this time i can not..” *Was all he said as he could sense Wei Ying was still in a coma stasis and he grew very concerned as to why and he knew that this could be felt from his brother as they looked over at each other then turned to him. Wangji walked over to the male on the bed only to wipe sweat from his forehead and he softly whispered “wei ying…wake up…come back…” as he held his hand with his free hand only to sense the male had taken his hand and he softly gasped only to look over as his brother had come to join him. Knowing that he would awaken soon he stood to his feet releasing his hand only to look to his brother* “Brother, i apologize for not seeking you to bring him here but the situation was in dire straigjts and if i had not taken him i am afraid Clan leader JIang may have killed him. I do believe i do not need to tell you who he is as i can tell you have realized it by now by his aura, he is not injured yet i fear he has sustained some internal injury as his aura feels weaker then before. I was just about to seek some help here yet i did not know just who to consult before you arrived here i could only come to seek your advice on this. I was playing to calm his temperament yet i may need you to accompany me with your flute, may i ask you play with me? *This would be the first time that he would ever ask his brother something like this yet he was concerned for his soul mate and would do anything he could to have him back at his side*

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      *Xichen could not deny it that he did have some indication as to who the male truly was but he had only just confirmed it when he noticed his brother touch the male as he knew that Lan Wangji did not touch others at all let alone strangers so this had to be no one other than Wei WuXian as he knew that was the only one that Wangji would touch/be close with. He faintly smiled as he usually did at their interactions only to nod but then he was completly shocked at what had happened next. It was indeed very rare for his brother to say more than a few words at a time when they would speak but that to had seemed to change thanks to this male’s influence and he was indebted to him for that aspect yet would never say it aloud but knew his brother would sense it anyway. He heard his request and he faintly nodded with a gentle smile* Wangji, you have never asked me for anything but just the once before when he died back then, very well i shall accompany you in the xinghua as i feel the cleansing music played by us both will help. *Gently taking a moment to sit on the floor beside the qin he took a steady breath before glancing over to Wei Ying who lay still then closed his eyes as they both began to play. The melody resounded through the room yet no other would dare come to see why as the leader of lan it was not unnatural for the jade twins to play together and no one would dare think it strange in any way while they played the melody for the wei male to awaken*

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      *Wei Ying had no indication that the emlody he could hear in his mind that surrounded him was none other than the xinghua cleansing music of the Lan of Gusu as it was then that he knew without a doubt that Lan Zhan was the one who had indeed shielded him from Jiang Cheng’s attack on the battle grounds and also the one who had picked him up onto his back and carried him back with him to the cloud recesses. He was familiar with the Lan Sect rules much more than any other from another sect due to it was his punishment by Lan Zhan and master Lan to transcribe them 300 times when he would get into trouble there. It had been sixteen years and he was not the same as he was before yet he could tell that Lan Zhan recognized the soul within on the mountain and he knew it had to be the reason he would bring him here of all places.

      “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan…why have you done this…” *Was the only question his mind had as he was hearing the melody being played by the twin jades and he felt himself calm only to faintly hear the soft whispers of his name being said lowly in such a velvet seductive tone that he was all to used to yet his current core had no memory of much of anything that happened between them so he knew he would have to try everything he could to remember his times and feelings for the Lan who held his heart, his soulmate Wangji. He fluttered his eyelashes as his eyes opened and he did not move right away feeling slightly dizzy* “its been sixteen years…” *was all he quietly spoke aloud only to hear the brothers melody cease*

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      -Yuan had come been a little bored as he sat in his room in the cloud recesses and he was often busy in thought but today it seemed a little more to his trail of thoughts that seemed to be on his mind. He could not forget that night outside the Jingshi that he had watched as Old master Lan was in a coma stasis and he was indeed worried for his grand uncle. He could not take it anymore as he had many questions that he wished to ask both Hanguang-Jun and Zewu-Jun but as he made his way there he suddenly stopped hearing the cleansing music being played by both of the jades and he began to wonder about the reason and went there to speak with them. He stopped outside the door as he knew that one could not simply enter Lan Zhan’s personal room without permission and even he could not so respectfully he announced himself to his father and his uncle* Hanguang-Jun, Zewu-Jun may i have a word with you both please? Forgive me for coming here yet there is just to many things i have on my mind as of late and i remember you both tell me if i needed to speak with you to come to do so. *He then noticed yet another voice and he just remained where he was standing as he watched his father and uncle looking at each other and then glance often to the other side of the room but Yuan did not move as he respected them enough not to allow himself to become curious as he knew they would tell him if it was important so he waited for a response*

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      -As soon as he heard the voice he knew without a doubt that he would not have to worry as he had sensed it the moment the males eyes had opened as their souls had already become one all those years ago from the moment they had chosen to accept each other and become soulmates. Lan Zhan looked over at his brother and his fingers that glided over the strings of his guqin his eyes glanced over at him as he got up and went over helping him to sit up and puts his fingers against his pulse as he checked his temperament*..you’re awake…” *He felt a rush of emotions surge him as he watched as Wei Ying’s eyes never left him and he then turned to see his brother Xichen had joined them beside the bed and he then heard the voice of their son and his eyes looked back at Wei Ying but he said nothing as to who this boy truly was right away not to overload him with way to much information yet he knew that one day he would know it and left it at that. He sent a silent thank you to his brother before nodding to him*

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      *Lan Xichen had noticed it the moment that master Wei had awakened and he softly heard the voice and knew in that moment his brother would be at ease now since the male had woken and was in appearance uninjured yet he would insist that his brother take him to seek a medical advisor just to be ensured that he was indeed alright.

      “It would seem you have been through something Wei-gonzu (master wei) in all these years but just know he has never…” *He was about to finish the sentence by saying how his brother had never once given up on finding any news of the male’s return to the world yet he was stopped by his brother sensing that he did not wish him to say anything further and Xichen knew he would choose to tell him himself and let it be so. He heard the voice of young Sizhui and then gave a smile as he looked to him* Wangji, i shall go and speak with him worry not and make sure that Wei-gonzu is alright. Take him quietly down the mountain and go seek a medicine advisor for i know you will be reassured if everything is indeed alright with him, i will be at ease also knowing this, go now!” *He then led the young disciple to his own room* I shall have time for you of course Sizhui, come along with me.

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      *Lan Wangji watched as his brother had taken him away and while he would thank him later, his gaze shifted back to the male as he helped him to stand seeing that he was indeed slightly weaker in his own aura then he was sixteen years ago and his eyes shifted slightly only to set him down as he went close the door and shut the curtain. He laid him out and removed his robes and made sure his body held no injury and once he made sure of this he dressed him in his inner robes and rolled up the sleeves for him as he would do as his brother said and go down the mountain with him to seek an advisor to check on wei ying.* Can you walk, if not i will carry you on my back. I have to be sure that you are alright so my mind and heart can be at ease of you Wei Ying” *He had noticed some injury on his body and his arm yet he would not ask and simply carry him onto his back slipping out without any of the Lan disciples seeing the perfect huangun-jun sneaking off carrying a male on his back as they all knew he did not touch others.*

      ///END. To be continued in medical environment.///