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    What do you mean creatures? * He screamed at Jack who replied with several incomprehensible beeps. * Ah shit! It never rains it pours. Jack work some miricles. Plug in anything you can find, boost signal, use every carrier wave, send any and all data. Named, scans, maps, location, weather patterns. Just do it. I’ll hold em off. Skyrie needs help so it’s up to us to bring the cavalry. * He ran through the Raven reck to the port side and jumped onto the side gun. * The one time I actually follow orders and need back up. No control. * Within seconds buzzing and bullets cut through the battered street towards an oncoming horde of monsters. Each burst turned them to mulch and splattered chunks instantly but they kept charging as he kept firing. He raised a hand to his earpiece to test the signal. * Control? Control? Come in damn it!