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    // In search of Erin //
    *Upon her arrival with Terumoto, Tionishia could still feel the pulse of the ground shift beneath her feet as they had arrived at the Rosy Cross Orphanage and she looked over at him then with a laugh she nodded* Ah that little brat eh, I will not fail to grab her if I find her and as for this place I have no need for but it will make for an interesting ploy indeed. What will you do from here Terumoto?” *Before she had finished saying his name she could sense he had already left the area and she sighed to herself as he wasn’t one for to much talking but of course she understood that as there was something to be done so she decided she would speak with him as well as Motonari and a few others soon enough but for now she continued on and began to search to find the little pink haired brat and she let out a shrill of laughter but then as she searched she left disaster in her path* “Come out come out wherever you are little brat, I will find you mark my words you will not elude me for long”

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      the confrontation- *Raizel-kazuma could sense that something was not right and so he rushed back to Rosy Cross and began to search the entire area until he came face to face with the ogre who seemed to hunting for his daughter as he could hear her intent on the very winds as he rushed there* “I know why you have come here but your intentions shall not be quelled for I will stop you right where you stand, I will not allow you to harm my daughter! You will not touch her, your opponent in this is me!” *His eyes were focused on her as he watched her*