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Towa SakatachiHijikata *SilverPearlSugarFiend

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Fullname: Towa SakatachiHijikata
Member of the SugarFiend Branch within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: SilverPearlSugarFiend
Mother: Ginko Bellanieve Sakatachi
Father: Toshizo Hijikata Saotome
Half-Older Brother: Roy MustangHijikata
Sisters: Setsuna (twin) and Moroha
Race: Human/Demon/Vampire/Hybrid
Birthday July 15

Basics: Born in Sugarview Medical Center only a few minutes before Setsuna. She doesn’t allow herself to be bullied, she wears men’s clothing because it is easier to fight making her seem like a delinquent. She protects many of the other girls in her school which lead to other girls calling her their “Prince”. She learns from her family that justice and protecting those weaker than her is of great importance. She does her best to live up to the respectful image her family is known for but she sometimes ends up causing a bit of trouble. She’s protective of her sisters Setsuna and Moroha.

++Admin Note: Images to be used: Towa (Yashahime) and Admiral Graf Spee (AzureLane)