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    *A ship had docked at the island housing Nanba Prison. Off stepped a red haired boy with big red eyes. He ran with a scroll towards the gate of the prison. He was fascinated by the size of the prision.* Wow it’s huuuuuuge! *he smiles and salutes the guards at the gates.* This is confidential prisoner information that was requested from our office. *he looks at the guards and sees a few guards chasing after some prisoners. He blinks* Nani? So they do try to escape! *he hands his information to the guard that was closes to the gate, Daisen Youriki. He is looking at him fascinated.* Wow! You’re one of the guards! It’s an honor to meet you, my name is Tetsunosuke-Toshiro, but you can call me Tetsu-Shiro for short. I’m a captain with the Shinsengumi. I insisted that I bring you this message. I was dying to see what Namba Prison looks like! *he was bright eyes and curious but he had to get back to the ship. He salutes the guard again.* It’s great to meet you! Goodluck! *he runs back and hops on the ship before he is taken back to the main land.*

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      *He notices a young red haired boy walking towards him and hands him some scrolls. At first he was slightly confused but then shrugged it off and took the scrolls.* ………
      *He looks down at him with his red eyes and then saw him run off back to the ship. He stands there at the gates holding the scrolls that were handed to him, watching the ship leave before walking into the main building to see the Warden*