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    * Helena made her way out of the borderlands along with Nagisa @nagisachi who was now being carried to the infirmary by Yato @godofcalamity whom they encountered along the way and her companions on this trip Noloty, Jotaro and Jovelle. Nagisa has only awakened briefly to the sound of Helena’s voice and the demon taking a hold of Nagisa’s mind was obliterated by Noloty as Helena held a warm protective barrier over the young girl. As they were leaving with her. Jotaro had been carrying Nagisa but as he and Jovelle went off to fight, he carefully handed her over to Yato. From there, Helena noted several wounded innocents on the field. She stretched out her healing wings and emitted her essence in order to relieve them of some pain. Meanwhile Noloty @promiscuous created a path for their exit since some of these brainless malevolent creatures didn’t have the brains to understand the strength of those fighting for the just cause.
    Helena sensed her husband Gintoki @shiroyassha heading towards her. He was leading a group of refugees out of the border. It was incredible to see family each had picked up either one or two people and others were simply following him to reach the tower and exit the gates in order to get into the new world. It was a beautiful view of solidarity in the midst of all the blood and gore.* helenahealingwings

    * Helena made her way out of the borderlands along with Nagisa @nagisachi who was now being carried
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      *After a little set back. Jovelle and Jotaro caught up with everyone else. They were surprised there were to many crossing the borderlands into the new world. Many were shy and didn’t even speak. Once outside the borderlands the look on their faces were hopeful and bright. Others looked relieved to be out of the scary area they had to traverse just to get to a better place. But it was all worth it. *

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      *Jotaro’s fists had torn through various monsters, mainly some of the remaining giant scorpions. He first had to disable their tails and then the rest was easy for him. He helped some kids out of a forest area and sent them towards where Helena was. Once they were safe he would join the rest of his travel companions and head out of the borderlands.*