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    *He visited the Grandstaff residence and saw Rosea and Kandace there.* Hello minna! Happy Holidays! *he brought them some presents and smiles as he enters.*
    I will be attending the event at the Foxflame Ballroom as well. *He announces* But first I thought I would try to help Kandace with something she’s been asking about.
    *As he enters the house he looks around at the decor. Finally he takes a seat.*

    Kandace is curious about her vampire side Rosea. Therefore, she wants to know what kind of demondog/human/vampire cousin Inukai was. I would ask, how did he become a vampire? Did you notice any characteristics of his that defines him as a vampire? Also, does this mean you inherited this too? What kind of vampire might you be?
    Finally, what kind of vampire is Kandace’s father? This might help her out in her treatment. Right now she’s taking blood substitutions but for a long time she said she didn’t thirst. We find this weird but then it might be attributed to the type of vampire she is.
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      Well my father side I dont know much cause aunt red and my dad never talk about it. But her father is a king of vampires. I did got my vampire side from my father. Like I said I dont know much of my side of my family.