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Chun Li (Jiang YanLi)



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The Wei Kingdom, Yunmeng Jiang Shi

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New Friends, Roleplaying


Name: Chun Li Jiang-Jin

Formal Name: Yanli

Parents: Cao Pei Ming and Xuan Ji /Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan

Brothers: Jiang Feng. Jiang Xiwen, Jiang Cheng, Wei WuXian. Shen Wei, Ye Zun

Sister: Jiang Song Yao

Brothers in law: Lan Zhan/Lan Wangji, Zhao Yun Lan

Nephews: Lan Yuan, Jiang Xiaoyu’er, Jiang Hua Wuque

Immortal Partner: Jin Zixuan

Son: Jin Ling, Courtesy name Rulan

Alliegence: She is a friend among the GrandSugarClan’s own lady Hei Tian Hua.

Chun YanLi is a highly disciplined, seasoned, and courageous woman, and is often the voice of reason. She takes her work as a cultivator with pride (showing pride at what she does when she saves another with her medical knowledge), outside of her duties she has a gentle, sweet, and feminine personality. Because of her devotion to justice, she often becomes allies and friends with other soldiers she meets.

//She was caught up in the battlefield and killed by someone who attempted to murder her brother. She was saved by the goddess of the heavens and transported to an unknown lands named Skyrie, this is where her journey to find herself and her family began.//