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Silver the Hedgehog (Sølv)

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Name: Silver the Hedgehog
Nickname/s: Sølv , Psychic Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog

Basics: Silver is courageous, willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He’s brave in the face of danger and focused on eliminating evil. He generally keeps a positive attitute and doesn’t give up. His goal is to create a peaceful world. He can be competitive to the point of getting a prickly attitude.

Loves blue skies, seeing people happy, helping others

Abilities: Psychokinesis, super speed, high acrobatic skills and reflexes, chaos powers and harnessing chaos energy

((More tba))

// Admin Note: Silver the Hedgehog is a character from Sonic the Hedgehog, the admin will play him loosely based on the original character. Not interested in chats or messages. This character is strictly rp. Will only rp in groups with a particular group roleplayers.

Affiliations: Resistance (formerly), Team Vector, Friend of GSC