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Rimuru Tempesta



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Name: Rimuru Tempesta
a/k/a Slime / Slime-san
formerly a human named Satoru Mikami
reincarnated species: Demon Slime
Divine Protection: Storm Crest
Founder of King of Jura Tempesta Federation in Jura Forest (His former home)
He renamed himself after his partner and best friend True Dragon Veldora Tempesta.

Basics: Reincarnated as a slime makes Rimuru technically genderless but since Rimuru remembers himself as male in his past life, he takes on that form and prefers to identify as male.

He’s kind and has a quirky personality. Hes laid back and prefers to avoid troublesome situation. He’s diligent and has a hard time refusing to help someone if they plead him to. Rimuru tends to react very severely when there’s a danger to his close ones.

During one of his Adventures he encounters a fight so fierce that it throws him and several other of his companions towards Skyrieverse. They don’t remember each other in this world but sense a connection.
Rimuru ends up meeting Ginji’s brother Ranmaru and rescues him from monsters at the borderlands where he meets up once more with Diablito, Benimaru and Souei and escort Ranmaru out of the borderlands where their adventures begin. Their quest is to find answers about their current situation and finding a way to get back home to their dimension again.

Occupation: King of Tempesta, S-Class Homeroom Teacher (Temp) and Adventurer

Loves: Video Games and Manga

Affiliations: Jura Tempesta Federation, Free Guild, Octagram, and friend of the GrandSugarClan.

Note: Alt Character of Xeryus (GSC)