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Ginnoji Usatoki Okumura Sakata (SilverBunnySugarFang)

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Full Name: Ginnoji Usatoki Okumura Sakata
Alias: Bunny of Souls
member of the SugarFang family of the GrandSugarClan
Clan Name: SilverBunnySoulSugarFang
Birthdate: January 13
adopted son of Gintoki Lucifer and Helena of the GSC.
Twin sister:  Ginkachi Usako Okumura Sakata
Mate: Shea (Shiachi) Usahara Haulia
Occupation: Warrior, Odd Jobs assistant, Student at True Cross Academy of the Blue Flames
Interests: Sleeping, Eating, video games, manga, bunnies
Favorite Foods: candy, Ice Cream, Carrot Cake, Carrots and Strawberries
Skills: ultra Hyperspeed, carrot power
Dislikes: Dentists, Ghosts, Lightning
Pets: Bunnies

Basics: He was adopted along with sis Ginkachi and brothers that were named Zura Jr., and Sugi Jr. into the SugarFang branch of the family.

Ginnoji was adopted into the family as he looked and acted like a mini version of Gintoki. He was at first named Gin Jr. but once adopted his full name was changed to Ginnoji. He also obtained his rabbit ears when he hugged his mother Helena and had accepted and trusted his adoptive family fully.

Main Images used for my RP Character:
Usagi of Junni Taisen
Jieun of Dandelion: Wishes Brought to You
The White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland

Note: This is NOT Gintoki Lee. This is Ginkachi’s profile.