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    *he opens the door, a bell rings as he enters with Naruto @narutokyuubishadowlightuzumakii * Konnichiwa! Miyabi ? Are you in? Do you have any binding spell ingredients or spell books? We need one. Naruto will explain.

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      *She calls uncle Rei* Listen uncle, we need the bloodlust binding potion. I’ll handle the rest on my end.

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      *He was in kitsune form today as he was not expecting many human customers to enter being it was a holiday they called spirits day and this meant no humans would dare venture into his shop much less outside. He heard a voice call out to him and he got to his feet* Hai, coming. *He then realized it was not a normal human who entered and recongized him by his aura but he then heard his request* “Ah yes of course right away i will bring you everything i have” *He went to the back of the shop then came back handing him the items* “You need not explain, i am here to help in any way i can if taking these for what you need them for will then by all means take them” *he said as he watched them*

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      *He hadn’t seen Miyabi in his kitsune form before, she he stared for a moment.* So that’s what you really look like! *he smiles* You know you don’t really have to hide yourself in the new world. *He sat down in a nearby chair and drew Miyabi directions to the Kitsune Kingdom.* You should drop by there some time. *He picked up everything Miyabi had gotten.* Arigato! These will be helpful. If by any chance Rose needs anything else for young lady Erin, I’ll send her by. @roseshadowlightheita