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Tomoe Shiroi MikiharaTestarossaSakata (WhiteSugarDemonFox)

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Full name: Tomoe Shiroi Lucius II MikiharaTestarossa OkumuraSakata
Member of the Sato Demone branch and the WhisperedObake Unit of the SugarDemon family within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: WhiteSugarDemonFox
First of the SugarDemonFoxTriplets.

Second son of Leonardo Gintora and Ren. He was born after Gentoka.

Parents: Ren and Leo
Grandparents: Helena and Gintoki-Lucifer
Brothers: Gentoka, Miketsukami, Komura, AkoyaKurama and Miyabi
Sisters: Kuzuha Lilith, Kikumi Lillian, Yuzu, Kiyomi and Hundreko
Sons: Xerxes,  Zerzes,  Ginji, and  Ranmaru
Daughter-in-law: Leonezza (Xerxes’s wife)
Grand Children: Kogi, Arios and Leona (Leoncita)
GreatGrand Child: Shiroyassha (Kogi’s son)

Height: 190 cm (6’3”) / Blood Type: O
Race: Human/ Yokai/ Kitsune / Hybrid

Basics: Tomoe tends to be cunning and sly as well as seemingly unaware of his own attractiveness but knows when to use his charms and handsome appearance when it’s necessary. He tends to mock others and can be very cold and condescending towards others because he’s unable to trust easily. He is sometimes rebellious and standoffish. He’s also very short-tempered and quite straightforward and blunt. But when it comes to family he’s protective and more open towards them.
Tomoe is extremely powerful and is capable of using kitsunebi, or fox-fire as well as using enchanted leaves to transform or control others.

Occupation: Student / Odd Jobs Part-Timer/ Lady Liliosa’s Familiar

Abilities/ Special Talents: God-like powers. Charms and good-looks, Kitsunebi (Fox-fire) and Transformation. He’s also very versatile in normal human activities which allows him to easily blend in when he needs to.

Close Friends that arrived in Skyrieverse looking for him: Akura-ou and Shinjirou Kurama

Favorite Foods: Sasamochi (bamboo leaf covered rice cake) and anything made by his grandmommy Helena and at SugarSweet Bakery

// Special note: This character is not looking for a mate, girlfriend or anything of that nature. He’s isn’t the type to stay with one person.//

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