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    Happy Birthday all my crazy wild and loveable siblings and family with a birthday in December *Smiles wide as she remained close to her brothers and sisters*

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      “Lu remember do not even try and go near that cake” *He teases as he walked in and picked her up and wished his family a happy birthday* Loving wishes to those with birthdays in this month, love you all minna! 144ece9a7de1d5ab

      “Lu remember do not even try and go near that cake” *He teases as he walked in and picke
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      “Oh brother do stop teasing her or you will make her cry and you know what happens when she does don’t you” *Casius walked inside and went over to them taking a glass from the table for a toast* Happy birthday family with them this month love you all!

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      “Ciel now you know that is not nice to do to our little sister how dare you tease her” *Kurai entered with cake for her sister and hugs her so she would not begin to cry and glared over at her brothers for a moment but then laughed changing her mood joining in the toast* Happy birthday love you all family!!!

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      “Why do you tease her like that brother honestly mom taught you manners, do try and use them more often” *Celine teased slightly of her own as she joined her siblings* Happy Birthday wishes minna!!

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      Happy Birthday family and friends with them in December! *Kurumi had a smile on her face as she slapped Ciel in the arm for teasing their sister but at the same time she high fived Celine for the remark she had made right back at him*

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      *Eraito had walked in behind his sister Kurumi as he smiled to her then went in and joined in the fun after noticing the cake and what the celebration reason was* Happy Birthdayto all my wild and crazy yet loveable family December born!

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        Oi it was not nice to leave me back there baka!! *She was angry as she went inside the café after running to catch up to her brother because he had used his speed that they all had to run and get there faster than her and she caught her breathe then laughed seeing her siblings were here and Lu had cake and this made her go hug them all then nod* Happy Birthday all December born ruffians! Love you all minna!

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      “You were not the only one he left back there, I could have gotten here in the same time as he did yet I chose to take my own pace here as to not be so out of it as you seem to be currently Minari” *Tarotachi looked at her but then offered her a pressed handkerchief and then went join the celebrations* Happy Birthday wishes to all those with them in this month, love you!

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      *Akane smiled watching them all from a table in the corner of the room but then smiled going over to join them she checked on Minori to make sure she was alright before laughing seeing cake all over Luciela’s face and her brothers right there teasing and she hit them with a small flame ball warning them to knock it off* Happy birthday my family born in December I love you all!!!

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      // Welcome back minna! Happy Birthday to the December babies!

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      -Atali had called her husband to tell him to join her at the café with their sons before she then took off in good spirits as she was running to make it there. When she got inside and was finding it hard because it was almost as if the wind was knocked out of her but she caught her breath and then went join her siblings all around the room- Happy Birthday everyone December born!!!

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      (At a table on the other side of the room, Kuroh watched as the family members gathered to greet each other and send wishes to them but as he sat there he thought of his children and his wife and smiled lifting his glass as he then heard a clink against one from the male who was now his brother in law, the silver haired male casius. He did not join them but instead raised in the toast and sent silent happy birthday wishes to the family members born in this month as he then drank from his glass) “Happy birthday to you, you know who you are”

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      Happy Birthday minna and welcome back you crazies! *squash hugs them happy her siblings were home again as she missed them so much*

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      “Must you all cause so much commotion honestly i know mother taught you better than that” *Upon entering the bakery he saw them all together and heard every comment that was made and he slightly chuckled hearing Celine but it was only for a fleeting moment then he moved across the room not to join them but to grab a glass making a toast of his own also* Happy Birthday those with them in this month, i admire you all fondly. *As he could not quite bring himself to say he loved them all, as he really did, he was still getting used to this new self of his. Taking a seat in the farthest corner he sat back and drank while watching them have fun together*

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      “Oh Seph come on leave them alone would ya they just havin some fun is all, lighten up sheesh your a tough one” *Minori laughed as she playfully hit him on the shoulder then went over to join the others as she was met with a big piece of cake* Oooooh I want that!

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        *He looked at his wife then laughed slightly only to kiss her cheek after she was done with hugging her siblings and he clinked his glass against her own he handed to her* Happy birthday of course to you all and you as well my bride.

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        “So this is where everyone has been, I heard some chatter you had returned minna I am glad to see it was not false and you all are really here together.” *Mato was walking over to them as she went inside the bakery after hearing word that her siblings had returned home. After hugging them all she went over to sephiroth then shook her head* She’s right do lighten up eh, don’t be so stiff around us its kinda irritating Seph” *She hugged him then went back to join the others taking a glass for toast as well and some cake* Happy Birthday minna!!!