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Soji Azuma LilacSugarDemon Okita Godai

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Hello minna, I’m Soji Azuma Okita-Godai.
You may call me Soji.
Son of Yusaku RoninsugarDemon Godai and Kyoko DulcesugarDemon Otonashi-Godai.

I’m a member of the Sugardemon family of the GrandSugarClan

My clan name is LilacsugarDemon

Although my only sibling is Helena, because we are so close and fought together in previous wars, I consider my cousins to be my brothers, Isao, Thorny Toshi, Shuhei, Natsuru and Alto.

I’m the Captain of the First Unit of the Peacemaker-Kurogane Shinsengumi and Assistant to Vice Commander Thorny Toshi

I’m an expert flute player at Seiso Academy’s Music Dept. Class B (3-B)

I also teach Music and Kenjutsu at True Crossover Academy of the Blue Flame

I’m sweet, kind and caring. I’m a legendary swordsman that loves bothering Thorny Toshi , usually getting nephew Testu-Shiro in trouble with him. I’m honest and polite but can be strict and quick-tempered when teaching. I have a sweet tooth and love candy, especially Kyoko candies. I also love Japanese cuisine and I”m skilled in the art of tea ceremony. I have a cute pet piggy called Saizo.

I am told I’m childlike and look like a female which deceives my opponents into thinking they can easily defeat me and later find out to be dead wrong. My training began at the age of 9. I’m considered a prodigy mastering all the Shieikan techniques of the Tennen Rishin-ryu school and attained the Menko Kaiden scroll (license of total transmission) in the ryu at the age of about 18. I continue to learn new techniques through Ranma’s Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts / Tendo Dojo.

I wield the famous katana called Kikuichi-monji. Also own a set of Kaga Kiyomitsu (a katana and a wakizashi). I’m equally skilled with shinai, bokken/bokutou and katana. My signature move was named “Mumyo-ken” (no light blade) or “Sandanzuki” (three piece thurst).
I’m a master and instructor of Kenjutsu (the way of the sword).

Sadly, I suffer from tuberculosis and I have only survived with the disease because of my family’s strong bloodline of demon/vampire/seraph and other mystical background otherwise, I would have been long dead.

I love to be fun and spontaneous. I love my sugardemon and shinsengumi family most of all! Arigato for your acceptance of me!