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Setsuna SakatachiHijikata *GoldenPearlSugarFiend



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Fullname: Setsuna SakatachiHijikata
Proud Member of the SugarFiend branch within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: GoldenPearlSugarFiend
Mother: Ginko Bellanieve Sakatachi NoTaisho
Father: Toshizo Hijikata Saotome
Half Older Brother: Roy Mustang Hijikata
Sisters: Towa (twin) and Moroha
Race: Human/Demon/Vampire/Hybrid
Birthdate: July 15

Basics: Setsuna was born at Sugarview Medical Center, a few minutes after Towa. She is Towa’s younger twin sister. She has a very stoic personality and seems to learning fighting and survival skills faster than Towa. She won’t hesitate to take down and enemy and feels entitled because of the family she was born in. She read so much about her grand-uncle Sesshomaru and strived to be just like him. She is sometimes disappointed by her sisters Mo

AdminNote: Images used: Setsuna (Yashahime) and Mitaki Ran (BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!)