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Shadow the Hedgehog (Seselis)

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Full Name: Shadow The Hedgehog
Nickname: Seselis

Basics: Shadow the Hedgehog is an immortal being created by Professor Gerald Robotnik through genetic engineering as part of an experiment. Shadow was meant to be a therapy or cure for the professor’s daughter, Maria. Maria and Shadow became close but Shadow was traumatized by Maria’s death. Shadow then vowed to keep his promise to her that he would protect the world from danger.

Shadow sometimes suffers amnesia and ends up being used for more shady purposes by other engineers. This angers Shadow when he discovers their plot and his vow to protect the world is temporarily forgotten. He ends up in a war between Eggman, G.U.N., and the Black Arms, an alien army led by Black Doom sometimes siding with different factions until his amnesia clears and he realizes the damage he’s done. G.U.N. finds that Shadow is too unstable and dangerous to keep in their world so they cast him off to another dimension.

That’s when Shadow appears in Skyrieverse and his story and adventures truly begin…

Alliance: Friend of GrandSugarClan

// Admin note: Character story very loosely based on the original… I mean very loosely. Please do not send me chats or messages. I won’t bother to answer them. I’m only here to roleplay. I will be roleplaying mainly on my own status and in certain groups. Thank you.