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Name: Ray Kon
Birthday : Nov. 6
Occupation: Student and World-Class Blader

Basics: Ray is open-minded and usually calm. He can be calm and collected, but also a fierce competitor.
He consider himself powerful and confident especially as a competitor but he may be a bit overly confident.
He is gentle-hearted, polite and social. He loves to have fun. He loves people who are equally as passionate about family and
responsibilities. His overconfidence is shaken by his losses. He enjoys eating and sleeping a lot when he has the time.

Talents: Ray’s Beyblade is enchanted by the Bit-Beast “Driger” (Japanese: 白虎ドライガー, Byakko) — a sacred White Tiger deity worshiped by the White Tiger Tribe (“Fang Tribe” in the manga series).
He specializes in swift attacks and is capable of hitting other Blades quickly with a session of attacks.

With Driger’s power, Ray develops a battle style that emphasizes swiftness and precision, inventing such Special Moves as the Tiger Claw, Tiger Fang, Vulcan Claw, Gatling Claw, and Thunder Slash.

Affiliations: Member of G-Revolutions and Tiger X.
Ally of the GrandSugarClan

Complete Character Info:

***Admin Note: Will rp character with deviations. His journey into Skyrieverse will be roleplayed with his fellow Beybladers.
Please no messages or chats. No romance rps.