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Hikaru Hizashi ~ The Comets' Ace

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Full Name: Hikaru Hizashi
NickName: Rooster / The Comets’ Ace / The Blader of the Shining Sun
BirthDate: June 22nd
Race: Human
Occupation: Student/ Blader

Basics: He is generally calm, patient and level-headed; preferring to analyze his opponents and come up with strategies to defeat them. Hikaru is level-headed, patient, cautious, mature, serious, and determined. Sometimes he can be immature and slightly arrogant. Although selfless, he can be self-absorbed at times but he’s a compassionate person and is very protective and loyal to those he cares about.

He was thrust into the world of SKyrie by surprise and a new adventure would begin with those he had arrived with.

Alliance: Friend of GrandSugarClan

Admin Note: Character will deviate from the original from time to time.
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