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    I will never give up. When the stereotypes of society are branded into my mind with merciless malicious contend, there’s no doubt in my subconscious that perseverance is near. A guilty pleasure blooms in the pits of despair for but a single insignificant reason. The critics who strive to tear down your structural poise have made a grave mistake in misreading the blueprints of my character. Through every tear jerking break and crumble of momentary defeat it was not systematic compliance or reform that I was bending to, there was no bend. The only bend they will discover is the illusion they’ve arrogantly created when preaching that the impossibility of my actions will be my downfall. What they don’t under stand is that no matter the stress in the structure of my mental state, I will not stop until my goal is complete. Don’t get me wrong, I have uttered the cowardly words, “I give up,” but never once has it not been chased by a mental notation of ,”Yeah right. Let’s get going.” That’s the soul reason why I will never fail.