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    RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!! *As he had gotten out of the cab and was back in the city. He was about to meet Jyugo when he realized he was being chased by prison guards.* JYUGO!!! DON”T JUST STAND THERE!!! The worse of the worse is after us!! Who in the world is that? You have a twin sis???????

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      // haha.//
      “What the hell, why are they chasing us now damn i wanted to see the city today. YOU’RE SUCH A BUZZKILL!” *He said back as the guards chasing them as he had just wanted to go around and see the sights of the city with Rock but it seemed the guards had plans of their own and that only meant they wanted to catch them both and lock them back up but he did not want to, not just yet* “Jyura! Run! Don’t you dare get caught ya here me!” *He looked over at her to see she was running behind him*

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        // I am his rl sister I wanted a way to rp with him and this gave me a way to tie my story ideas into his in a way.//

        “Geez would you keep quiet I am running as fast as I can you idiot!” Jyura was running a few steps stride behind her brother and Rock when she saw the Daisen guards from hell [as she called them] chasing them at a high speed and she saw her brother provoking them and had they not all three been running for their lives in a way she would have hit him so hard but this was not the time for that. She saw the pink hair and it seemed he was gaining on her and she tried to catch her breath as she ran* “Provoking them doesn’t help!!”

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      *He had hit a corner and saw an open door to a huge venue. He pulls them in.* In here! Quickly. *ended up in FoxFlame Ballroom.*

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      *Notices Rock running away from the authorities.* He’s lose again. *chuckles* Oh and he has company? I hope they don’t get caught right away so they can have some fun.

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        *He swerved into the building Rock mentioned then he pulled his sister along and then he chucked at her but saw someone else had been watching them and he saw Rintoki by the east corner of the building but shook it off catching his breath* “Tch, damn they are relentless”