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    *Observing the inside of the castle. He steps aside and let’s Kandace and Yato step inside. The area between the gate and the castle courtyard was clear so there would be no surprise attacks on them there. This would allow Yato and Kandace to run inside quickly and see if there were any people inside of need of rescue or monsters that needed to be kicked out or destroyed.
    Meanwhile Naofumi used his shield like a boomerang and tossed it from the front entry of the castle towards any other monsters trying to approach from outside. Once the airstrike did it’s damage, Naofumi caught it again and quickly set up a force field around the front part of the castle which was about as much as his shield would allow at the moment. He was defending the front part of the castle and remained there. He would continue to use his airstrike if he noticed any more monsters trying to invade the castle but most of the monsters seemed to have fled or lay dead outside the gates. Meanwhile, he allowed Yato and Kandace take care of anything within the castle. He was glad that they all worked well together and they were as dedicated as he was to make the castle a haven for the princess and anyone else who happened to come by searching for a place to hide out during the impending apocalypse.
    He remembers how he felt safe at the medical center and if he could repay this to the people of the land, he would make sure to make time to do this. The reception in this world was so much different from the one he received in the last one. Maybe it was because of the situation that presented itself. He could hear Kandace and Yato rummaging through the castle. He didn’t hear either of them call for help so he figured he wasn’t needed inside. For a moment, he thought about how he left some healing potions as a gift for Doctor Yukiko at the medical center since she allowed him to make a few items without question to take with him. He was glad he had some on his person in case these were needed. His eyes carefully scanned the ground outside, it didn’t seem like any more strange creatures were approaching. He looked at the sky and noticed tornadoes forming. He moved further inside, he didn’t want to be pulled into one of those swirling killers. He felt the earth quake once more which startled him a bit. He realized that the source was still active. He understood a little of what was happening thanks to the newsletters back at the hospital. He hoped it would be under control somehow and that further casualties would be avoided but in the meantime, it was all about search, rescue, protecting and enduring. It’s all that they could do and he hoped it was enough.*
    Hey! *he called back to them.* Everything clear inside? 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwL8Wn5huG2g6uk6lEhkkG8w

    *Observing the inside of the castle. He steps aside and let’s Kandace and Yato step inside. Th
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      everything is clear on my side! are you alright naofumi ? *after finishing attacking the last few monsters, the ground begins to shake and shout out for both naofumi and yato to come inside the castle* naofumi! yato! come inside where it is safe please hurry!