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    // I need to get this off my chest before I can calm myself and move on.

    When our clan gets upset about an image, it’s really no one else’s business how we handle that situation but ours. Kandace had agreed to these conditions when she joined the clan. She knows she should have asked, just like all other 200 something members do in order to keep harmony. Normally a person gets a “no” i’m using that along with suggestions of what they should use or a “yes” go right ahead.
    So someone who has no CLUE coming in talking to me about copyright and nonsense when they only come around when there’s some kind of arguement and haven’t around Kandace as long as we have…. can go shove it.

    Besides, it’s not the only reason we were upset but because she jumps and acts even though we tell her over and over again how to handle situations so they come out best. We have indulged her, given her princess status and indulged her in that, we made groups to push her forward but she would still manage to anger us and at points we felt betrayed by some of her actions. It’s not like she didn’t know. Also, I don’t know if she does it purposely but the way she would word things sometimes was very offensive.

    “Please” goes a long way when asking people to rp a certain scene for you. Maybe being a princess went to her head.

    Do I hate Kandace, NO! We’ve been with a long time but she does have to pay for the consequences of her actions because nothing else seems to work.

    If she still considers herself part of the GSC, she has to abide by the rules whether she’s in the branch that Koenma honorably let her into or not! If she wants to regain trust from us, she has to be mature enough to do that on her own and not have some lakey fight for her who doesn’t know what’s going on.

    I think that’s all I need to say.

    And Touma… stop instigating. You love to stir the pot. It’s not hard to see. If you don’t likie Skyrie or us or this place, you’re free to go back to Aniroleplay. 3bc0bda00eabff7f9c6df532d1a8d543

    // I need to get this off my chest before I can calm myself and move on. When our clan gets upset ab