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    FoxFlame Ballroom.

    Please note, some have mistakenly thought this group only belongs to one person. It has never been the case. We allowed someone to be the face of this group for some time. But if you look at the forums and many of the posts, this has always been a collective effort of the GSC.

    Currently, Foxflame Ballroom has reverted to its original name.
    It will still remain open to the public for all ballroom related events (rp only).

    Since we are in the midst of an apocalypse the ballrooom is closed and being used as a safe haven for those seeking shelter. (this is part of a temporary rp.)

    The main mods will be of GSC members of kitsune origin with a few small exceptions. And those who are members here will remain members unless any rules are violated or you rub us the wrong way.

    I’m pretty sure, it can’t be any clearer than that.