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    @kandace *Sits in a private room with her niece and clears her throat before speaking to her* Ahem!! My dear lovely Kandace! You say that you are holding the party to the new guests that are arriving at the Skyrie Universe. However…..you are dong a horrible job in presenting yourself! I believe you were told this before!!

    // It is good to respond a single line if the character post a single line as well. But someone who writes a paragraph…you need to make an effort! NO EXCEPTIONS! //

    So if you want to make a good impression, please make an effort and do better than what you are actually doing. Arigato!


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      i understand…..but i have been checking on my mother and my new sister, // along with everything else in rl// and i will try my best to fix it

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        // My beautiful girl, EVERYONE has very busy lifestyles in rl, yet they make the effort to reply accordingly with the other character. It is a sign of RESPECT! Take care of everything that is going on in rl so that you may have a bit more free time to rp with us. December is not over yet, plus a few more days in January, meaning that you have all the time in the world to take care of what is most important then come back and rp appropriately. //

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        i mean in rp i have a new sister, and in rl i a bit stressed out

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        My darling niece, go welcome your new sister and assist your mother with whatever she needs. Be grateful that you have family members that are willing to help you during these events. So again…take your time.

        // My dear, if you were in my shoes with the stress level that I have, you will be better off dead! Trust me! And yet…you don’t see me replying with one liners! This is where I’m getting at. Despite all my troubles, issues, problems, etc…I have the common courtesy to reply accordingly with the other character. That is where you lack at! Please do not think that I am upset with you because I am not, but the fact of the matter is that you have been told multiple times about this same issue and yet no improvements. Take care of what is necessary, both rl and rp and we will be right here with you! Take care!//

        *After having her chat, she hugs her niece and gives her a gentle kiss in the forehead. I know you can do better! I’ll see you again at the ballroom! *smiles then leaves*

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      // Nothing gets through for some reason. *sighs* She’s over there playing the victim now. Cut it out Kandace and read before you jump into a post. We feel like broken records. //