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Miku Yoshino Hatsune



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Future Stars Idol Studio, Skyrie Universe

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New Friends, Roleplaying, Gaming


Name: Miku Yoshino Hatsune

Number: 01

Nicknames: Miku-Miku, Mikumii, Mii-chan

Race: Vocal android unit or Vocaloid, a human like model

Allies: She is a friend of the GrandSugarClan

Partner: She has a crush on someone but keeps it to herself.

[My twists for her plus more is to be added in later but for now here we are,]

Miku gained a human life of her own due to a short circuit in her mainframe, thanks to this she was now able to feel emotions and discover a whole new side to herself she never knew existed until now. She keeps her newfound life a secret from the other vocaloids and in doing so she feels like she is betraying them by not saying a word yet she feels that if she says something it will make her seem like a freak and they will no longer accept her for who she is so she keeps it to herself. She has recently discovered what it feels like to have feelings for someone but she does not dare say a word as she does not want it to change anything between them yet she feels like he should know and does not know what to do about it. She went into the practice room after practice was over for the day but she sang a new song she wrote but when she sang it she was transported to this new world where her journey began, it would soon become the place she would remain.