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Takechi Otoya



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April 1, 1990

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United Kingdom


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Name: Takechi Otoya

Birthday: April 1

Family: Unknown, after her parents died she never asked if she had any other family.

Weapon of choice: A pair of sharpened scissors

She is a sadist who hides her true nature under the guise of an extremely playful girl. She likes to tease others, but her actions are seen as borderline bullying. In addition, she is quite obsessed with her scissors to the point where she carries a whole bag of them around on her waist, which she uses to carry out serial killings.

[My twist on her story that makes it mine. it will be updated if I ever find a family to have her learn to trust and love etc.]

When she was a young child she loved her parents but in truth they never really wanted her at all yet they kept her for the con to make money as they would have her go into the streets and beg for scraps to eat and sometimes others would give her money because they felt bad. Her father was abusive towards her and her mother never gave her any attention so on the night of her 10th birthday she killed her father in cold blood because he had been drinking and tried to force himself on her. She was taken from the house and placed in custody as her mother did not want anything to do with her any longer after that point.  Around 6 years had passed and they released her back to her mothers house but everything was different she had remarried and had a son by her new husband. When Takechi got there she saw this and did not even want to be there but the new guy seemed to change her mind so she went back. After a year the young boy and her were kidnapped by robbers who had killed her step father and then tied up her and her little brother. They tortured the boy to tell them where the money and valuables were in the house and when he would not tell them they killed him before her eyes. She had a scarf around her face so she could not scream but her sobs could be heard in her heart as she saw them kill her mother. The lady with the group felt no desire to kill Takechii and she wondered why but it seemed fate had other things planned for her. She was taken in by the woman and sent to a school for assassins and raised to be a killer.