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Kuronue ^^VrykolakasSucreSpiritus^^

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Name: Kuronue

Member of the SugarSpirit Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: VrykolakasSugarSpirit
BirthDate: Unknown but is believed to be over 530 years old.
Species: Demon Bat
Height: 6’4″ / Weight: 193cm

Basics: Former Partner of Leonardo. He later became friend of his son AkoyaKurama and once again, best friends with Leo. After he met all of his family, he quickly became a part of of the clan and changed his ways for the good of others. He was an accomplice to Leo’s past villainous activities. Kuronue previously died but as a yokai he was sent to the netherworld which he eventually returned from thanks to Odanna. (The majority of the story is developed through rps)

Former Occupation: Bandit/Thief
Association: Friend of Leonardo and AkoyaKurama (Friend of GrandSugarClan)

// Before you make a fool of yourself. Note that my character isn’t here to hook up with anyone. So don’t waste my time and yours. //