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Moroha SakatachiHijikata *BloodRedPearlSugarFiend



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Fullname: Moroha SakatachiHijikata
Nickname: Beniyassha
Member of the SugarFiend Branch within the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: BloodRedPearlSugarFiend
Mother: Ginko Bellanieve Sakatachi NoTaisho
Father: Toshizo Hijikata Saotome
Older Half-Brother: Roy MustangHijikata
Older Sisters: Towa and Setsuna
Race: Human/Demon/Vampire/Hybrid
Birthday: July 16

Basics: Moroha was born at Sugarview Hospital, she proved to be stubborn as she wasn’t ready to leave her mother’s womb til hours later. She’s the younger of her three sisters. She has a rowdy, carefree, and cheerful personality. She becomes an opportunist learns to become a bounty hunter who slays demons and sells their parts to other demon slayers, presumably so they can make weapons and armor out of them. Her personality is practically like a mix of her grandfathers Inuyassha and Ranma. She often skips school which gets her into trouble with her family.

++Admin Note: (Images used) Moroha of Yashahime