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    -on her way there- *Inari was growing up fast as it had been a time ago that her mother had her while they were away on a journey with her father. She was making her way to the shop when suddenly she stopped to get flowers in the event that she would meet someone she was related to as family due to who her parents were but in doing so she was separated from her mother and time went by quickly. She could feel a chill in the air and she rushed as fast as she could to make it safely there but all of a sudden she tripped and dropped the flowers only to look up into the sky but hearing a sudden booming of thunder she screamed out and hid ducking her tail as she darted into a nearby alleyway hugging her knees. She was so scared but was only halfway there and looked out at what she saw before her* “O..Oh no now where did I end up this is not the right way…I know I can find my way…ahhhhhh” *As another flash of lightning streaked across the sky, Inari began to cry but then hoped her father would find her soon before whatever owned the next sound she heard came for her. “Daddy…mommy, where are you”
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    -on her way there- *Inari was growing up fast as it had been a time ago that her mother had her whil
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      *After recently leaving from the infirmary she had visited upon her return, akane-chan had cleared her and she had been released but she could still feel the air shifting around her as it was different from the time she was in the kingdom of hoshido mountains. It caused her to be alert as she woke up from a dream that her son would come here from the future to prevent something from happening to her but before she could speak with him the dream state vanished and she was woken up by the sudden scream she seemed to hear in her very soul due to the link she had with her daughter. She transformed into her oni form and rushed through the alleys in search of her and she hoped she would get there fast enough* “Hold on inari..i am coming for you just stay safe until i get there!”