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Alex Louis Armstrong "Major, Strong Arm Alchemist"

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Full Name: Alex Louis Armstrong
Alias: “Major, Strong Arm Alchemist”

“…Born into an elite family of alchemists and has mastered his family’s techniques. Members of his family have, in the past, filled the highest military and political positions in the state. He acquired his alchemy titles for his skill of using arm strength in his alchemy. All though he may look intimidating, he is really friendly and (overly)affectionate, and often stays behind or risks his life for the safety of others. He also has a tendency to show off techniques passed down to him to his enemies, and make them feel somewhat awkward during a battle.”

Race: Human
Nationality: Amestrian
Abilities: A.T. Combat Alchemy
Affiliation: Amestris State Military, Armstrong Family, and Friend of the GrandSugarClan
Occupation: State Alchemist