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    // Recreation of InuKai’s entry to the new world @inukai-grandstaff //
    *As Inukai lived in the old world for some time, many troubles had made him wish he could move to the new world. He finally decided to make his way there after sis Red told him about Rosea falling ill and ending up in the infirmary. He wasn’t sure how to make his way there. He had followed Red who was showing him the way but along the way he lost her. As he reached into the dark vortex that swallowed him up and spit him out in to the new world. He was baffled about where he was. Finally, a monsters approached to attack, he quickly stood and realized, that if he wanted to see his daughter, he would have to fight.* Fight InuKai! *A voice could be heard telling him to move forward. As InuKai fought, Sesshomaru had arrived in the borderlands. He could sense his little brother had entered the new world. It was no mistake, he found him fending off several demons. Sesshomaru quickly came to the aid of his younger and confused brother.* Do not fear Inukai! I have found you!
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    // Recreation of InuKai’s entry to the new world @inukai-grandstaff // *As Inukai lived in the
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      *lightly smiles.* it is good to see you again bro.

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        *Sighs* Will you stand there dumbfounded! Or will you fight your way out of the borderlands. These monsters will destroy you. *he walks away slowly killing the ones in his way.* Hurry! I’m loosing my patience. // admin: Put some effort into it and give me more than a one liner..geez//

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      *Seeing as she was already in the borderlands. She noticed Lord Sesshomaru fighting the monsters of the land without much effort. She even noticed some instinctively move away. He was quickly leaving his younger brother behind. Ginko remained behind and cut the tail and legs off the giant scorpions sneaking up on the bewildered Inukai. And she thought.* Is that guy really related to him? The others are so full of a brutal kind of energy. This guy is ummmm, waiting to be killed by a monster or something. I thought he was here because he wanted to get past the border and into the new world. *She climbs up a tree.* I’ll observe from a distance. There’s still a slight chance he’ll fight for himself.

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      *He sensed that Ginko was not far behind. He could tell she was watching and even though he thought her efforts were wasted. She would be able to defend Inukai if things went from bad to worse. He simply turned and addressed her.* If he cannot fend for himself and if he cannot feel the need to see his daughter Rosea. Then let him die here in vain. *Then Sesshomaru slew several monsters without mercy and left the borderlands, never looking back again.*

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      *She had also completed some of her task and had planned to return and report it to the 13th Bureau when she spotted Lord Sesshomaru battling the monsters of the borderlands. Hikari thought to herself that battling wasn’t exactly right since with Sesshomaru and those creatures their death had already been decided when they crossed him. But it was a rare treat to see him enter the borderlands for someone and then leave with the air of aristocracy that he always exuded. She had whistled to Lady Ginko to let her know she was in the area and then made her way over to her. You came to watch too. Doesn’t look like anything else will happen here. Shall we head to the 13th Bureau. Just getting a glimpse of Sesshomaru in all his glory is awesome enough. *she smiles*