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Ailane Ariellel Levon ^-^ MajestätischerLöwezahn SatouUltharian +Bud Virgin Logic+

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Full name: Ailane Ariellel Levon

Birthdate: Dec. 22
Race: human/lion/demon/myumon
Member of the Satou Ultharian Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: MajestätischerLöwezahnSatouUltharian

older brother: Ari Aion Levon
Cousin: Leonezza (of the SugarBeast)
Niece:  Leona (aka Leoncita)

Band: Bud Virgin Logic
BandMates (Friends/Family): Hundreko and Peipain
Vocalist and Guitarist of Bud Virgin Logic
Guitar’s name: Rosereveschniden

A majestic lion girl who looks down on everyone. She’s charismatic beauty with strong kotodama who carries the aura of a king.

Since a young age she’s been taught music and principles of being a good empress.

However, this makes her rather nonathletic and finds everything bothersome. She’s a clumsy person who falls and drops things often. She likes high places and prefers things smaller than her.

She was transported from Midi City to the new world (Skyrie Universe) through a dimensional vortex when she had followed her brother and his bandmates to find Daniel Crow.

//source: Wiki / will be adding a bit of my own story during rps. Came to Skyrie thanks to Daniel Crow and Cindy Cyan 🙂 //