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Yume Raisha



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United States


The Western Lands, Skyrie

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New Friends, Roleplaying


 Full Birth Name: Raisha Sukoshi [she does not remember it]

Assumed Name: Yume Sekaisho

Race: Daiyoukai {Dog Demoness)

Protective Over: Sazume Kyoukai and Ichimaru Ryujin

Bonds: She considers Lady Helena to be the one she regards as a dear friend.

Alliance: She is a loyal friend of the GrandSugarClan.

Personality and Background:
Lady Raisha was a beautiful maiden who held a very dark secret in her life, She was born connected to the dark priestess Tsubaki as her sister but this fact was kept from her by the monk who raised her. Some years later she grew into a fine maiden, pure in heart and beauty alike she met a demon who would change her world entirely. His name was Naraku and he treated her kindly until she found him only to be after her power and not after her as a woman. She attempted to flee from him but he took the form of the demon she admired only to slaughter her pups she cared for in the night to lure her out only to kill her as well. The curse upon her did not affect the children due to them not being born of her so she could not save them. The curse on her soul brought her back from the dead but this caused her to appear differently to the other demons around her she once knew so she avoided them to live on so she could one pursue him and kill him herself. She had now long raven hair with highlights of blue and the power to wield the element of ice. The cost of the curse bringing her back from the dead was her memories,  so when she was arisen she did not know who she was so she fashioned herself the new name Yume Sekaisho and began to live as normal as she could.