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    // oh lord baby jeeeesus, the drama…

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      // Did you see this sad follow up in the Youtube comments. Although… guess one could see that coming…
      “Clari MM
      1 month ago (edited)
      UPDATE to this story: She divorced Manaki, who apparently abused her; She has an only fans now and also posts lewd picutres on her instagram and she’s trying to get into the adult film industry all while being mentally unstable and having a substance abuse problem (mainly alcohol). It is really sad to see her downfall. I honestly wouldn’t mind her working in the adult film industry as she is an adult and can do what she wants, however, she seems extremely unstable and she claims that she was abused as a child which is why she allegedly has a thing for bdsm. I really hope she’ll be better soon and that she’ll find people that actually care for her well-being.”

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        // Yes actually, I was reading the comments under that…it’s interesting. No one really knows if he did abuse her, if he just left etc but she does seem to still be suffering the aftermath of all that happened. I mean, that was her mother and it’s traumatizing to say the least.

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