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    *Kofi arrives at Sugarview, it had been a while since she practiced nursing but a job offer was not something she would turn down. This would only be part-time, since she had her two other jobs lined up.* I’m ready for this here interview! Hope the doc remembers me.

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      *Kofi and Yukiko sat for a while in her office going over Kofi’s past work experience. Yukiko did give her a few tests and examples of what she might encounter at the job. Seeing that she responded with acceptance at the type of patients she might see there, Yukiko would continue interviewing her for a while. She noted that Kofi was not only a nurse but also a radio celeb and a former bounty hunter. But she was sure she wouldn’t retire on her hunting skills right away since she spoke of her captures with enthusiasm.* Kofi san, I could definitely use another nurse to help around here. I like that you took the time to make some credential and let me know of your past experiences. So, welcome aboard. *She calls Nurse Aki.* @sirene Please give her thorough training and a tour of the hospital so she knows where everything is.

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      Nurse Aki: *Shortly after Doctor Yukiko called she walks in and introduces herself to Yukiko.* Hi! I’m the head nurse, Aki. I will train you to the fullest of my knowledge and I’m grateful that you are here working for us Nurse Kofi.