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Sugar Mountain

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Full Name: Sugar Mountain
Stand: Large Tree (Sugar Mountain)

Basics: In the old world, she was trapped by and made guardian to a Large Tree possessing a Stand of the same name. She appeared young although she was at one point 66 years of age. Petite and pretty she would pass her time role-playing with doll like a young child. After Johnny and Gyro successfully passed a bit of a trial game Sugar and her parents were freed from the Tree.

As Johnny and Gyro left, she noticed Johnny had gotten caught in some kind of vortex and Sugar had gotten caught in the same insane dimensional pull. They ended up in the borderlands surrounded by monsters in the middle of what seemed like the apocalypse.  Soon they became separated, but the monsters declined appearing around her, she soon heard a  seraphic voice and feel asleep next to a tree. After some time had lapsed she realized  she was being carried by the one she would later come to know as Arash. Along with this travel companion and Azucar whom they met along the way, all three made their way safely out of the borderlands and soon they would begin their new lives in the new world they had arrived in.

Occupation: Caretaker of Tir Nan Og (Faery Otherworld) and Florist at SweetasSugar Flower Shop

Alliance: Friend of the GrandSugarClan and Joestars (JJBA BizarroSugar Division)