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NachtLicht (N-Lux) 🎹 AngeluscakesSugarSoul

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Fullname: NachtLicht Aoiyoru-OkumuraSakata
Nicknames: N-Lux, Licht-tan, Angel-chan, Angel-babe
alias: “Eve of Lawless” and Violence Angel-chan
Member of the SugarSoul Branch of the GrandSugarClan
ClanName: AngeluscakesSugarSoul
Birthdate: Dec. 24th
Race: Mainly angel/demon/human hybrid
Father: NightSyn
Mother: Harumiya Xenovia
brothers: Staz, Wolf, Nox and Summa
Pet Hedgehog: Hyde / Servamp of greed: Lawless
Occupation: Famous Pianist
StageName: Licht Jekylland Todoroki
Eyes: Blue
Hair: black with a strand of white
Height: 176cm (5’9″)
Bloodtype: O

NachtLicht was born to Night and Haru. But in a twist of fate, an ogre had taken hold of him and jumped through one of the dimensions that took him to another universe. While in the new universe he was saved by a family in Austria, Vienna that raised him. In his early childhood N-Lux loved the piano so he learned to play it professionally. When he was older, his guardians told him how he had been kidnapped by an ogre and how he end up in their area of the world that during a concert he was playing he became so nervous his hair turned completely white and a portal opened behind him that transported him to the same Demon world where his brother NoshtStaz was residing. This is where he came across his birth parents Haru and Night who rescued him and took him home. His hair eventually turned black again and one strand remained white.

Hobbies: piano, karaoke, climbing trees
Favorite foods: cream soda, melon, kakigori and cotton candy

Techniques: Paralysis, Flashback, Jekyll & Hyde (a fighting technique where N-Lux and Lawless can instantly switch places to fight their opponents.) and Phantom of the Opera (plays this song that gives Lawless a powerboost.)

// Might add more later or I might just rp it.//

**admin note: My character is slightly different from the original but his origin story is based on my rp with GSC. Not looking for a partner.
original story if you’re curious: