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Name: Nami [last name unknown]

Family: Unknown just as much of everything important about her

Friends: working on that

[Not to much is known about her since she dies in the anime but i have my own twist to rp to her so look forward to it.]

Nami is the red-haired girl that Sousuke met in Namsac. She was a leader of a small local AS league. She hires Sousuke as a replacement for their mecha pilot. She and Sousuke became friends,and Sousuke also begins to suspect she may be a Whispered, but they fell foul of Amalgam and their local allies. Shortly afterward, Nami is executed in cold blood by Kurama as part of his ploy to draw Sousuke out of hiding and into a trap.

[Where my twists comes in, more to come as it is role played out arigato]

Nami barely escapes with her life in the fleeting few moments before she dies as some sort of miracle. She was rescued from the field by someone as she blacked out before seeing who it was. When she awoke the person who saved her was gone and she was alone so to this day she wanders around under the name Nemia and tries keeps her identity from anyone just in case no one finds her and attempts to kill her again.