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    *Kiyoshi had gotten the news from several sources. He heard when Saya reported the earthquake, he got instructions from h is father at the Shinsengumi HQ and he heard Yukiko over the the hospital speakers but most of all, he felt it. It even shocked him how strong it was and how it intensified. He had several roles in his life. He would have to fulfill them all as he prepared the fire engine he would be driving, picked up his emergency and first aid kits and responded to his father Kondo.* Commander! I hear you loud and clear! @fruitchinposamurai

    *He then looked at his brothers.* We need to split up and do our jobs today! The citizens are counting on us. When they see us, they see safety and hope. You’ll be driving ambulances but we’re all going to be doing similar work.
    We will protect the citizens, help control the crowds, you’ll bring patients back to the hospital, deal with hazardous materials, do search and rescue and you’ll find yourselves dealing with the unexpected so be prepared. Pair up my brothers and watch each other’s backs! Remember how hard we trained and keep in mind that we put ourselves on the line for all of these citizens who are counting on us! Be safe and do your best! *he sent them off*
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      *He was already suited up and prepared. His ambulance had both emergency medical items and military items within it. He would use any means depending on the situation. He grabbed Hinomaru.* You’re with me brother! Since you’re new to this. Bon and Tsumugu! You make the other team! I wish you both luck! *He knew what the situation was and where it was coming from. Most of his family could sense Helena’s anguish. They worried greatly about her but they knew they would not be able to get close to her in the state she was in. Instead, they had to do their best to save the citizens she cared about greatly in order to minimize everyone’s pain and suffering.* Let’s keep them all safe! It’s our sworn duty!!

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        *Hinomaru was used to sumo wrestling but this was completely different. He still rolled up his sleeves and got serious about his role in all this.* Hai brother! I’ll follow your lead! I’m sure my strength will come in handy! *He quickly salutes Kiyoshi who was heading off. He was admiring the tall gentle giant that looked even more like a figure of balance and security as he stepped into his truck and drove away.*

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      *Salutes Kiyoshi* You be safe too big bro! *he nods to Hinomaru.* Let’s go! *they jump in their ambulance and head out, he stops to looks at Bon and Tsumugu.* Stay safe brothers!

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      *Bon waves to his brothers and then salutes them* Stay safe! *he yelled out as they drove off. He looked over to Tsumugu.* We need all types of talents but right now big brother Kiyoshi gave us the goals most important at this moment. Doesn’t matter what kind of hybrid creatures we all are, what matters is we save the citizens and keep them from harm. Let’s do our best!

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      *Also salutes his brothers as they leave and then turns to Bon who’s addressing him.* I got it bro! I understand the situation! He gave us all the important pieces of information. Let’s go put our knowledge and protective skills into action! *hops into the ambulance.*

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      *They drive off into the danger without a second thought*